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Who is Michelle Wu’s Husband?

Michelle Wu, a prominent figure in the political landscape of Massachusetts, has been married to her husband since 2014. In this article, we will explore who her husband is and how they met.

Background on Her Husband:

Michelle Wu’s husband is named Ross Martin and he works as an attorney for a Boston-based law firm. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 2011 and has worked at his current job ever since then. The couple first met when they were both attending college at Harvard University back in 2008. They began dating shortly after that and eventually tied the knot six years later.

How Their Relationship Has Evolved Over Time:

Since getting married, Michelle Wu and Ross Martin have become even closer than before. They are often seen together out in public events or traveling around the world with their two children – daughter Eliza (born 2016) and son Henry (born 2018). Despite having busy careers of their own, they make sure to spend quality time together whenever possible so that their relationship can continue to grow stronger each day.


It is clear that Michelle Wu’s marriage to Ross Martin has been successful over the past few years due to their dedication towards one another despite having demanding jobs of their own. With two beautiful children now part of their family unit, it seems like nothing could tear them apart anytime soon!

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